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miking drums with 3 mics live

These mics come in sets of 3 and have a quick response, easy to find sweet spots, and high SPL of handling 160 dB and are made of fiberglass and made for the loud sources but also have the “fine” quality to use on wind instruments. Myth #3 You Have To Record Drums In A Big Room. He has written many articles on Home Recording and Songwriting. If I go this route, should I use a condenser mic? Sometimes it works, like putting a single 57 overhead above the snare for an old school R&B tune. DO NOT Create a Song Without This Guide... DO NOT Create Another Song Until You Read This Guide.. drum overheads are really where your sound is coming from,, Nieuw Adidas Unisex Pharrell Williams Superstar Supercolor Pack Casual Sch, Nieuwste Adidas Veelkleurig Mensen Running Cosmic Boost, Mix Your Tiny Home Studio Drums To Sound Huge - Recording Revolution. I’ll rather have more choices when mixing, it’s not like we are really limited on channels anymore. Interestingly, the common thing in both situations is keeping the hi-hat out of the snare mic so you can play with snare reverb or eq, or even just punch up the snare level. Drum miking or micing drums, whatever you prefer, is largely spending time experimenting with different microphones and varying their distance and placement from the drums. At home I’ve been using a B57 knockoff and trying different placements. I think it’s a great idea. In your particular case, you'd probably best put the OH behind the congas, pointing past those on the snare. They typically record drums with 3 mics, using a mono overhead. This is something that you will see miking a loud source like cymbals. The cymbals usually come through best, but without the necessary presence. Mic setup possibilities: Since the cajon is the center of his sound, it'll get its own mic, an SM57 placed behind it on a short gooseneck floor stand. Is it too late for me to get into competitive chess? I usually would mic the opposite side from the sticks. Smart. It adds the punch and flavor while keeping the personality that each component carries. Thanks for contributing an answer to Sound Design Stack Exchange! The Cardioid Condenser mics that an inexpensive like the Pencil style condenser will produce the high-end frequencies that are lost by using the Dynamic mics. Try things, experiment, get after it. Me too. In a multiwire branch circuit, can the two hots be connected to the same phase? So I wouldn't count on that. Miked from above you get the sound of breaking glass – not a gong. The drums need to sound their best and have to be played to get the best sound. The last year or so I’ve been putting an LDC over my left shoulder with a ribbon over to the right. (or you have to do lots of editing to extract those toms and it still sounds odd..). 6) cymbals sound best miked from above – never from the side so you get the up/down oscillation. Let me start out by saying that most of the drum tracks we grew up listening to were tracked in a nice big drum room. The obvious move will be to complement this with an overhead mic … I’ll often just mic the underside of the snare too, get plenty of smack from the OH. There are problems with Phasing and microphones that are hit by the drummer along with equipment that can move around on stage. With the drums themselves, unless the song depends on stereo, or even 6.1 surround, there’s likely no reason to offer the drumset in stereo. To me, it sounds unnatural and is just overdoing it. You see this myth a lot, likely because so many magazines show pro drummers with lots of mics on each drum. The key here is not to mic the hammers (so dumb and so common). The other two channels are for capturing everything else via two SOH2 overhead mics. In fact there are literally hundreds of ways to record a drum kit. Learn as much as you can, but then go out and try some crazy stuff. What mixed the cards is that a week ago we moved to a new rehearsal room, which is considerably more spacey than studio we originally intended to record drums in. Kind of has that really punchy live concert sound. Joe and I covered these myths in detail in a recent podcast episode but thought they could use repeating here on the blog. Or perhaps a stereo pattern way overhead? It’s really about what YOU want. Mic Theory: get the entire instrument when possible (sometimes leakage forces you to get closer). They always sound too removed from the main sound to me! In fact on many tracking sessions, I have the drummer record some kick and snare hits that I store in the session in case I need them. Ton of tracks that they carefully time aligned but you can go out of your mind with the variations. And if you re-do a whole track, intonation and precision problems rear their ugly heads. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Anywhere that the volume levels can be applied Dynamic mics will be better used and on the drum kit this is especially true. Also a guy we share the room with has a rig to record drums (8channel ADDA, mics etc.) Do you think it is possible to achieve decent drum sound with 0 experience and that little time on our own? I record it with the cables that are directly connected to the Electronic Drum Controller. Given all this, what are my options? How does linux retain control of the CPU on a single-core machine? Why `bm` uparrow gives extra white space while `bm` downarrow does not? I have Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit – DTX532K. Can you explain why you prefer not to spot mic the toms? Should read “I’m just pointing out that it’s NOT the only way to get a great drum sound” Making the edit now. But less can be more. Could they get a better sound with just a mono overhead and fewer spot mics? This set-up uses an Overhead Drum Miking Technique includes the 2 overhead Pencil Condenser mics and a quality large Diaphragm Dynamic Kick Drum mic. After awhile you start to find things that always work; things like this…. In fact, so many people fail to see just how awesome a mono drum overhead is. You need to find the spot where all those sounds are balanced correctly and usually that spot is out and away from the snare, not over it. Why my diagonal dots become 6 dots rather than 3?

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