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cloud seeding pros and cons

It is likely that there will be too much rain, which can cause the problem of flooding. Due to higher average crop yields related to the use of cloud seeding, chances are that the overall GDP in the respective country will increase as well. 1. Though silver iodine is not currently known to be harmful to our health today, but it might change in the future as more research is done and completed. 6. If introduced on other cloud formations, it does not have the intended effect. The concept of cloud seeding has become increasingly popular over the past years. Another important benefit of cloud seeding is that it can also help us to reduce global poverty, hunger and starvation. Hail can be a serious cause for losses in crop yields in many countries all over the world. How To Leave An Emotionally Abusive Relationship, The Ability To Move Things With Your Mind, How To Tell Is Someone Is Lying About Cheating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_seeding, https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/01/does-cloud-seeding-really-work-experiment-above-idaho-suggests-humans-can-turbocharge, https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/earth-and-planetary-sciences/cloud-seeding. Since water scarcity will become even worse in the future, we need tools like cloud seeding to artificially alter the weather in order to reduce poverty in many regions all over the world. This technology has been effectively used to suppress undesirable forms of precipitation, such as hail, that can cause damage to crops and urban areas. This refers to a process where cloud systems are injected with a substance, such as silver iodide, which will cause water within a cloud to turn into ice and increase the chances of rainfall. Cloud seeding provides an avenue for controlling prevailing weather conditions in different areas, although it is primarily used to improve the amount of rain; it can also limit precipitation which could develop into storms that cause mass destruction. Please note that all the information I provide on this website is to my best knowledge. Cloud seeding can also be quite expensive. The chemicals that are used for cloud seeding will end up in our water sooner or later and if this water is not filtered and processed in a sufficient manner, chances are that the local population will drink contaminated water, which in turn can lead to many serious diseases in the long run. This means that places that would normally receive moisture may start to experience drought due to the artificial process of adding compounds to the atmosphere to trigger rainfall. But what will happen if due to climatic issues rain could not held. There has been a rising situation of Iodism, which is a type of poisoning caused by iodine. Agricultural production is important to the local economies of many regions around the world. It can lead to abnormal or unpredictable weather patterns and flooding. List of Pros of Cloud Seeding. Water scarcity will be a serious environmental problem that may threaten the livelihood of hundreds of millions of people, especially in the Southern hemisphere of our planet. The result of cloud seeding itself has a number of advantages of its own. In turn, farmers could produce more crops and the overall level of poverty could be lowered in the respective region. According to an investigation conducted by the BBC, a cloud seeding operation in August 1952 that was carried out by RAF pilots turned from good to worst. The technology of cloud seeding may also provide many job opportunities in the future. Especially since the technology behind cloud seeding is not mature yet, it currently costs quite a lot of money to use cloud seeding and many poor farmers around the world will never be able to afford those immense costs. For instance, if there is no rain for a few weeks and farmers urgently need rain for their crops, farmers can decide within a few days to use cloud seeding and can book the respective service from cloud seeding companies. Because the agricultural sector is the most affected during a drought, the arrival of rain, whether it is natural or artificial, will be considered a blessing. Some of the compounds that are used in cloud seeding can produce some detrimental effects to the environment. Cloud seeding can also be quite harmful to local air quality. Aside from agriculture, it is stated above that tourism would be boosted by cloud seeding. However, many areas across the world will look like deserts in the future due to global warming and only insufficient precipitation. 4. The Pros of Cloud Seeding. One such example is cloud seeding. There are several possible consequences, such as excessive rain that can cause flooding, which means that regions experiencing chronic water shortage would suffer more, as they probably do not have any system designed to deal with floods and other disasters. Therefore, in the long run, cloud seeding can actually even decrease crop yields due to related changes in soil quality. 1. Moreover, it can regulate the weather because water vapor in the air can be controlled, preventing the occurrence of hail and reduce the severity of some storms. Cloud seeding creates a good environment for agriculture to take place. After some … 5. This can be quite important in various different ways. 4. Most of the sources of water such as rivers, lakes, and groundwater supply among other traditional sources are not sufficient or are under increasing threat of extinction due to the ever-increasing demand of water in vast lands and the increasing rate of pollution in many regions around the globe. Cloud seeding is essentially producing artificial rain, which makes it a very expensive process. Okay for the Pros, that will be easy. In order to feed all people on our planet, we will have to use our land as efficient as possible and cloud seeding can greatly help us in this regard since it can help to make desert land suitable for farming, at least in the near future when this technology will be optimized. It requires huge amounts of investments. Cloud seeding requires the use of chemicals, some of which are potentially harmful to the natural environment. Reduction of crop damage. This, in turn, will help the overall economy, which makes the effects of seeding far reaching. Since arid areas lack the moisture required for proper rainfall, droplets usually evaporate before they get to the ground. Kofi Annan: Importance of Youth Leadership, Youth Leadership in Community Development, Taking Youth Leadership to the Next Level, How We Are Helping Chinese Disabled Youth, 6 Predominant Pros and Cons of Corset Training, Front Loading Washing Machines Pros and Cons List, Flat Organisational Structure Pros and Cons List, 22 Good Songs for 18th Birthday Slideshow, 42 Good Songs for 70th Birthday Slideshow, 35 Good Songs For 50th Birthday Slideshow, 34 Good Songs for 40th Birthday Slideshow, 19 Primary Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed. Hence, this technique should be used with great care in order to protect the local population from serious unwanted adverse effects of cloud seeding. Through cloud seeding, the atmosphere’s water vapor will be more regulated, which will prevent damaging hail and severe storms to occur. The way the chemicals are being used in this technology and would affect the organisms that will be hit by the artificial rainfall is considered its most direct concern. However, there are many regions that have to deal with droughts that result in the destruction of crops and other harmful effects. The technology of cloud seeding has been effectively utilized in suppressing undesirable forms of precipitation, such as hail, which can cause damage to crops and cities. 3. In layman terms, cloud seeding is simply an artificial way of modifying the weather with the aim of influencing the amount or type of precipitation in an area from the clouds. Unfortunately, praying for it is no longer enough and there is a need for more innovative and drastic moves, something out of a fiction novel, for instance. For instance, one problem of cloud seeding is that this technique relies on harmful chemicals in order to work. It could regulate the weather. Plus, the use of silver iodine is not yet recognized whether it can lead to any severe negative effects or not on the health of plants and animals, but a lot of organizations have been continuously doing some extensive research about its long-term effects. Determining if cloud seeding is good or bad is definitely not easy, but by taking into account the pros and cons listed above, you will be able to have a better understanding about its functionality and efficiency. 3. The full impact of cloud seeding is still not fully known, but it is helpful to what its pros and cons are so far. The more animals and plants are exposed to it, the more they are at risk of developing health issues. 5. Trying to address the problem of drought is an ongoing battle, so as the debates around the world about its use. Since there is only one atmosphere being shared by everyone, increasing precipitation in one place can cause a decrease in another area. “You can’t make money on advertising; you just have to seed the clouds. Here are a few Cons In addition to silver iodide, different seeding agents are used to seed clouds in different climates.

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