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bertrand russell the value of philosophy pdf

Is he not prejudicing people’s minds by attempting to make them think the way he does concerning values of philosophy? Philosophy, like all other studies, aims primarily at knowledge. Readers of this blog know that Bertrand Russell is one of my intellectual heroes. The concern here is to know what the various scholastic philosophical works such as René Descartes’ proof of the existence of God meant. In contemplation, on the contrary, we start from the not-Self, and through its greatness the boundaries of Self are enlarged; through the infinity of the universe the mind which contemplates it achieves some share in infinity. "The Value of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell." This is considered to be invalid. The Value of Philosophy, 2010. As part of value of philosophy, consequently, people claim that philosophy has the capacity to proof the truthfulness of such knowledge (Russell Para. IvyPanda. This enlargement of Self is not obtained when, taking the Self as it is, we try to show that the world is so similar to this Self that knowledge of it is possible without any admission of what seems alien. The mind which has become accustomed to the freedom and impartiality of philosophic contemplation will preserve something of the same freedom and impartiality in the world of action and emotion. This is a philosophical concept of “realism”. This critical writing on The Value of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell was written and submitted by your fellow student. Philosophic contemplation, when it is unalloyed, does not aim at proving that the rest of the universe is akin to man. One, in turn, should subject his/her mind to prejudices. IvyPanda. Philosophy aims at inculcating knowledge. But it would seem that, whether answers be otherwise discoverable or not, the answers suggested by philosophy are none of them demonstrably true. If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda. 6). The “practical” man, as this word is often used, is one who recognises only material needs, who realises that men must have food for the body, but is oblivious of the necessity of providing food for the mind. Apart from its utility in showing unsuspected possibilities, philosophy has a value—perhaps its chief value— through the greatness of the objects which it contemplates, and the freedom from narrow and personal aims resulting from this contemplation. There is a widespread philosophical tendency towards the view which tells us that man is the measure of all things, that truth is man-made, that space and time and the world of universals are properties of the mind, and that, if there be anything not created by the mind, it is unknowable and of no account for us. Russell criticizes this view by asserting that it emanates from misconceptions of the goods philosophy seeks to achieve. Russell, Bernard. Consistent with the aim of philosophy, Russell believes that definite answers to some fundamental inquiries are not indispensable but rather the interrogatives asked in the process of introspection of what may turn out as truth of the knowledge being sort are. Has the universe any unity of plan or purpose, or is it a fortuitous concourse of atoms? It is true that this is partly accounted for by the fact that, as soon as definite knowledge concerning any subject becomes possible, this subject ceases to be called philosophy, and becomes a separate science. This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 2 pages. Russell challenges the opinion by some philosophers that “philosophy could establish the truth of certain answers to such fundamental questions” (Russell Para.6). "The Value of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell." This is, however, only a part of the truth concerning the uncertainty of philosophy. Such questions are asked by philosophy, and variously answered by various philosophers. In order to judge of such attempts, it is necessary to take a survey of human knowledge, and to form an opinion as to its methods and its limitations. For this reason greatness of soul is not fostered by those philosophies which assimilate the universe to Man. In his article, Russell outlines some of the bodies of knowledge such as psychology among others, which he says are currently nowhere in the philosophical body of knowledge (Russell Para. Many philosophers, it is true, have held that philosophy could establish the truth of certain answers to such fundamental questions. The philosophical questions expand the mind and hence knowledge (Russell Para.4). Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. 5). Perhaps another critical value of philosophy is its inability no to subdivide the world into distinctive categories such “friends and foes” (Russell Para.10). This view of philosophy appears to result, partly from a wrong conception of the ends of life, partly from a wrong conception of the kind of goods which philosophy strives to achieve. Bertrand Russell, Problems of Philosophy CHAPTER XV THE VALUE OF PHILOSOPHY HAVING now come to the end of our brief and very incomplete review of the problems of philosophy, it will be well to consider, in conclusion, what is the value of philosophy and why it ought to be studied. People inclined to the ideas of “practical men” may perhaps see philosophy as valueless. (2019) 'The Value of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell'. The life of the instinctive man is shut up within the circle of his private interests: family and friends may be included, but the outer world is not regarded except as it may help or hinder what comes within the circle of instinctive wishes. We will write a custom Critical Writing on The Value of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. If the study of philosophy has any value at all for others than students of philosophy, it must be only indirectly, through its effects upon the lives of those who study it. Yet, however slight may be the hope of discovering an answer, it is part of the business of philosophy to continue the consideration of such questions, to make us aware of their importance, to examine all the approaches to them, and to keep alive that speculative interest in the universe which is apt to be killed by confining ourselves to definitely ascertainable knowledge. Introduction: Bertrand Russell was a philosopher, mathematician, and social reformer. But if you put the same question to a philosopher, he will, if he is candid, have to confess that his study has not achieved positive results such as have been achieved by other sciences. In one way or another, if our life is to be great and free, we must escape this prison and this strife.

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